Never assume that you are stuck with the way things are right now.
Life changes every single day, and so can YOU.
Think Better, Live Better is the go-to training for anyone serious about taking action to reclaim their happiness and realize their true potential.

It will help you wake up every day and live with a full sense of purpose, even if you've tried everything else. If you want a way to attend a life changing conference, filled with world-class experts who care, without spending $1,000+ on travels expenses, this is it!

This training is packed full of practical strategies and unforgettably inspiring lessons for living a more positive and productive life. But this is more than just a recorded training. It's an immersive experience that will give you proven tools to identify and transform the negative, self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that keep you stuck.

From proven ways to foster healthier relationships… to actions engineered to help you let go of painful experiences and emotions… to rituals guaranteed to increase your productivity, the talks and workshops in this training experience will inspire and equip you to become your most effective self.

Think Better, Live Better is your gateway to the life you planned on living.

You won't finish Think Better, Live Better with a notebook full of ideas and nothing checked off your to-do list. You'll set into motion a realistic plan you can keep improving on for years to come.

We will guide you step-by-step through mental strength exercises and refocus your mind on the powerful truths that make the fastest and most effective impact on your personal and professional desires and goals.

This training experience is comprised of actionable talks and workshops from some of the brightest minds in personal growth.

Talks and Workshops
The Beliefs that Hold You Back & The Questions that Will Set You Free (Marc & Angel Chernoff) Learn a new way to think, and master a new way to be. Everything changes when you ask yourself the right questions. Questions become thoughts, thoughts become words, words become actions, and action becomes character. And when times get tough, it’s the strength of our character that sees us through. This session will change your inner dialogue. Feel your stress fade away as you learn how to see untrue thoughts, practice self-compassion, and turn damaging self-talk sessions into joyous, grateful, and intentional rituals.
Overcoming Procrastination & Roadblocks to Do What Matters (Joshua Becker) – Discover the secrets of making time vs. finding time, and letting momentum build naturally. In this session you will learn to simplify your life, eliminate the excess, and rediscover the lost time to focus on the few things that truly matter to you.
Conquering Mental Fatigue (Courtney Carver) – Your past lapses in willpower were not because your body or your mind is weaker than other people, it’s just that you didn’t have a proven system for conserving and bolstering your willpower. In this session you will learn the shortcuts for managing your willpower and minimizing decision fatigue. Even when you get tired and down on yourself, the tools provided will push you through and help you make the right decisions.
Start Finishing (Charlie Gilkey) – Play to your strengths. Choose your target before you aim. Don’t go alone. It’s easy to make your efforts 10x more productive, and that’s what this session will teach you how to do – it covers three proven strategies to simplify your plans, enjoy the process, and do your very best work, personally and professionally.
Setting and Sticking to Personal Boundaries (Mike Vardy) – Having healthy boundaries means respecting and understanding what your personal limits are. Boundaries are essential to healthy relationships and living a productive life. Setting and sustaining boundaries is a skill that can be honed too. Unfortunately, it’s a skill that many of never learn. We might pick up tips here and there from our life experiences, but for the most part boundary-building is a relatively fuzzy concept and a challenging one.
Living The Perfect Day (Karl Staib) – In order to live a fulfilling life – you need to define what the ideal version of your life is, one day at a time. From there, it’s easy to reverse engineer the core components we need in order to achieve the lifestyle you desire, such as what type of projects you work on, how much money you want to make, and who the people you want to surround yourself with are. Unfortunately, most people in our society have the reverse mindset of determining what type of lifestyle they need to have in order to satisfy their personal and professional goals. If you take this session seriously, you will begin making more conscious decisions about how you spend your time and what you focus on. And even if you don’t make a lot of changes immediately, you’ll learn a lot about yourself based on the information you acquire.
Owning a Meaningful Life & Conquering Fear (Kendra Wright) – You can have anything you want it life, but the first person you’re going to have to convince is yourself. In Kendra's own words: "When I started THINKING bigger, I started LIVING bigger. You can call it woo-woo all you want. But you know what isn’t woo-woo? Massively increasing my income. Attracting a rewarding career that let’s me work from anywhere in the world. Traveling any time I want, any where I want, without asking for permission. All of those… came straight from expanding my thinking." In this session you will discover how to overcome the odds and immediately inject meaning and excitement into your daily routines.
Smart Ways to Deal with Toxic Relationships (Marc & Angel Chernoff) – There’s been a lot of scientific research into healthy and happy relationships over the past few decades that have allowed people in the know to build their mental strength against toxic relationships and toxic relationship behaviors. And that’s exactly what this session is all about. Ready to learn about the most common types of toxic relationships and how to detoxify them? Excellent!

The Outcome
(How Your Life Will Be Different Afterwards)

Everyone begins Think Better, Live Better with a slightly different mindset and therefore gets something different out of the experience. But here's a good idea of what you can expect:

- Gain the clarity needed to understand life’s toughest situations along with the vision of how to get through them with confidence, and making lasting progress.
- Escape the faulty logic and myths that hold you hostage from advancing on your goals with the energy and resolve that already lives inside you.
- Simplify your everyday life, decluttering it of all the physical, emotional, and psychological baggage that holds you back and keeps you stuck.
- Become more well-rounded in your ability to diagnose your emotions and how to master them to make the most of any moment, anytime and anywhere.
- Develop the instincts and skills to positively develop your most important relationships in a direction that fosters mutual respect, genuine affection, and lifelong trust. (And how to let go of toxic relationships when necessary.)
- Elevate your sense of purpose and your impact with others at home, at work, and in your community as your true self shines with greater self-worth, gratitude, and positivity.

Of course, all that hinges on you actually taking action. If you don't want to merely wonder if there's a better way, but would rather find out how to begin thinking better and living better every day, then don't miss the Think Better, Live Better training!

Although the live version of the 2016 event has passed, hundreds of people have emailed us asking if there is a way to watch the event online or purchase a recorded version. The answer is YES!

Due to high demand (100+ requests over the past couple months), we've decided to re-open the Think Better, Live Better Digital Access for the next 24 hours.
If you want to attend virtually, I am going to extend the opportunity for you to get the professionally recorded, digital HD version of Think Better, Live Better 50% off. The HD video footage has been professionally edited and is hosted in our private course portal (you  can watch the whole event with friends and family, as many times as you like, in the comfort of your own home). This same exact digital HD version of Think Better, Live Better has been packaged and sold in the past for $300 (but right now it's only $149).

Enjoy a 30-day money back guarantee too. It's risk free.

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